Why do you should choose the adidas stripes leggings ?

Firstly, we should go for Adidas heritage to know more about the brand. Adidas is knew as German manufacturer of shoes, apparel and accessories. It’s founded in 1924 by Adolf Adi Dassel, then his older brother Rudolf participated in and changed it to Dassel Brother Shoe Factory; but not for so long, the brother split up in 1947 and rebranded for themselves, Adolf registered his brand as Adidas AG. And until now, as a largest sportswear in Europe and second largest in the world, Adidas never stop itself to improve and keep growing up to affirmed that they are stay on the stage for qualified products.

For years, Adidas keep launched so many sportwear and that’s inspired a lot to all generations. Adidas is a true OG in the street style hall of frame by the way it supports and celebrate sports lifestyle through its appeal.

Stripes leggings by Adidas reaches back into the archives to bring iconic designs to the modern streets. Translating the look of classic track pants, the leggings with classic fitted and flexible stretch helps you keep up comfortable all day wearing. These softy and stretchy leggings emblazoned with its distinctive triple stripes down to two legs sides and small trefoil embroidered on hip which is from Adidas unique that others can’t inimitable.

So, what else they can do more than just gym duty and work out.? Have a go on creating your looks with Adidas stripes legging, hope to see your outfit in our feedbacks.

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